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Stila Vita, interpreted as “LifeStyle” is a combination of artistic vision and technical expertise. At Stila Vita, we believe delivering world-class experiences in signature events requires a combination of artistic vision and technical expertise. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and pursue perfection in every detail of our projects. Our goal is to create a reflection of yourself within your home.


We love working with clients to actively involve them in the concept and creative processes. While no two design projects created by us share the exact style or theme, every project is based on the principles of design, innovation, and excellence.


Stila Vita aims to provide an overall concept, which brings into harmony all of the components of the interior; graphics, textile, furniture, architectural, and industrial design elements, with an underlying goal to deliver an exceptional experience

Our Process

Our process is driven by our passion to create designs that engage our clients' needs while meeting the functionality of their space.  A combination of Architectural Design and Interior Design Aesthetics, we create an experience that allows you to walk into your space and say,

“This is who I am”

‘This is our family”

“This represents me/us”

Yep, we do that.


Preconstruction Design

Professionally laid out preconstruction design plans leveraging advanced software for accuracy.


Design & Construction Estimate

We take into account your materials, budget, and most importantly, your design needs to achieve success.


On-Site Consultations

We will arrive at your home and listen to your design concerns, thoughts, and vision.

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The Finishing

We had all the finishing touches that will make your interior design timeless and flawless.

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Let's Create This Together!

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